I perform my duties as an experienced bookkeeper. My strong areas of expertise include the use of International Accounting standards which helps me maintain books in accordance with international financial standards. I am extremely proficient on every version of QuickBooks and also offer set up and training in QuickBooks Online

Why Hire me:

  • 10 years of proven experience in all sectors of business
  • I have Trained, used, and applied the QuickBooks Desktop for 10 years.
  • I have QuickBooks Online for 7 years
  • I bring quality service with 100% money back guarantee
  • I have a very good and fast response time.

Basic: I will do Bookkeeping in QuickBooks online. I will do 30 transactions into QuickBooks,  (Not include create new company and chat of account) 3 days

Standard: I will your Bookkeeping in QuickBooks online with 31-300 transactions per month. (Not include create new company and chat of account) 5 days

Premium: I will import your 300-500 transactions into QuickBooks online, categorize and reconciliation. (Include create new company and chat of account) 9 days